It all begins with one thought! I want to change! Hypnosis and the power of positive thinking evokes more energy, more initiative and more happiness which impacts the brain to change behaviors. Hypnosis is truly a beneficial accent in caring for your health.  

Hypnosis restores focus and mindfulness while getting the support you need to deepen your practice of self-healing and self-love. Weight loss, quitting smoking, anxiety/depression, grief, sexual trauma and so much more are helped with hypnotherapy. Align Hypnosis is with you every step of the way!

Donna Lee Honeywell is the owner of Align Hypnosis. She is dedicated to the personal success and transformation of her clients. She believes in the journey of change and that we need support through our evolution to be our best self.

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Are you tired of the endless cycle of diets that never seem to work?

Say goodbye to the struggle and join our transformative group weight loss journey! With the power of group weight loss hypnosis, you'll receive personalized guidance, support, and a community of like-minded individuals to help you achieve lasting results. 
Don't wait to take the first step towards your best self - click here to learn more about our group sessions and join now!


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With our years of experience helping hundreds of people discover their potential, we guide you using proven hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques, and clearing away the obstacles that keep your true self from shining through.

​Our mission is to guide our clients down a pathway to achieve their goals.

No matter what your goals are to improve the quality of your life, we are here to support you every step of the way!

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At Align Hypnosis, we specialize in hypnotherapy programs that endure. We believe in teaching our clients how to keep themselves aligned and at their best long after we've finished working together. Our clients take with them the lasting knowledge, awareness and ability to maintain their improved lives.


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  • Align Hypnosis

    “I have had severe insomnia for over 20 years.
    In just 10 months, I now get 6 to 7 hours a night. The program works, so give it a shot. I'm also starting on the weight loss program.
    Thank you so much Donna Lee. You have changed my life.”

  • Align Hypnosis


    "I have energy, am healthy, look great and have gotten off
    blood pressure meds. Have never been happier with my life.
    Monthly meetings are helpful and you realize you are not alone
    in your quest for making yourself healthier and better.
    Thank you, Donna.”

  • Align Hypnosis


    "I was invited to begin a program for weight loss through Hypnotism.
    I started with Donna Lee in the middle of June, it is now
    the end of July... 15 days of June, 30 days of July, I'm down 52.2 lbs.
    I have another session tomorrow and I can't wait.
    I will be adding to this over the next two years...
    my goal is to rid myself of 179 lbs. (126.8 to go!!)”

  • Align Hypnosis


    Hypnotherapy with Donna Lee provided me a sense of calm and normalcy. She also provided me with the tools to remember to breathe and to allow the experience to open me up to the possibility of renewal. The choice for moving forward now becomes mine.”

  • Align Hypnosis

    “​Found Donna online, called her...made an appointment.
    I needed to lose 70 lbs. Went to her 3 times
    ...lost 76 lbs. in 8 months!!

    Can't say enough to thank you!! I feel great!
    Sometimes I cheat and start to gain.
    Before it gets too easy to keep eating, I get myself back in the park,
    remembering what I learned from Donna.
    Thanks again - You're the Best!!”

  • Align Hypnosis

    “Wonderful experience! Donna is warm, genuine, caring and it's very obvious she cares most about her clients' needs and success over money or fame. After experiencing the difference between Align Hypnosis and a different hypnosis program that will remain unnamed, I can't speak enough to how much more empowered and slated for long term success I feel with Align. From the monthly check-in zoom group to the constant access to the help line, I don't feel anxious for transitioning to the maintenance versus shedding stage like I was before!!”

  • Align Hypnosis

    “Donna Lee Honeywell at Align Hypnosis and her support staff
    are great! I love that Donna has monthly complimentary support virtual calls every third Tuesday each month! Donna takes the time to get to know your concerns and has a counselor, Carolyn, to call if you have food choice questions or just need some TLC. She also has a consult for physical exercise regimen that can augment your progress. Enjoy your journey into physical mental emotional and spiritual health. Align Hypnosis cares about you and your success!”

  • Align Hypnosis

    “Donna Lee ROCKS! She is an expert at what she does and has made a difference in my world. I am more mindful about what I eat and have quickly moved from processed to real food and I'm also more aware when I'm eating too much. I wish she was closer so I could go more often but after three comfortable and delightful experiences, I believe the logic shared, the hypnosis and the resulting mindfulness is exactly what I needed to eat more intuitively. I am grateful”

  • Align Hypnosis

    “I recently met with Donna Lee in a small group setting for a 3 session program. I am back on track doing well. On one occasion I felt like I needed a bit of help and I spoke with Carolyn whom was also fabulous and she talked me off the ledge and gave me super good tips to stay on track! I am still on track! The best part for me is truly the 3rd Tuesday of every month I get to get on a zoom with Donna Lee and her clients and get knowledge for first half and then a motivating hypnosis session for the other half.... I feel better than I ever have. I had been on a similar program for over the past 4 years and although I did well mentally there were too many rules etc. I feel with Donna Lee and her team the program is super realistic and I never really feel afraid I am going to mess up.”