Hypnosis for Substance Abuse

What started out as a medical necessity or a recreational pleasure has turned into an addiction.  This is a pervasive story repeated over and over again at all levels of our culture and society. Now is the time to change your story! We work successfully with people in recovery from both process and chemical addictions. We help clients to reorient their thinking and change their response to the triggers that stimulate picking up. 

If you are under medical or psychiatric treatment for addiction, Align Hypnosis will be happy to work with your team to fully support your recovery and wellness. We have worked with people recovering from alcohol and drug abuse as well as gambling, sex addiction and other compulsive behaviors.  Talk to us and find out what hypnosis can do to change your life. 

Our involvement continues after the series is completed, with our Free Monthly Group Hypnosis for life.

This Free Monthly Group helps clients maintain their goals and offers support for the rest of their lives.

Please contact team@alignhypnosis.com or call 413-758-1949 for special pricing