Hypnosis for Phobia

Phobias are real and can prevent a client from fully embracing and enjoying life. Nail biting, Flying, Driving, Bridges, Agoraphobia, Picking Eyelashes, Cutting, Needles/Injections and many more habits bring clients to Align Hypnosis for relief.

There are many more phobias, but all are treatable. We all have a variety of “habits” that we wish to curb. Whether our habits are due to nerves, anxiety, depression, stress or some other outside force, at Align Hypnosis we are able to address the habit in a non-judgmental, mindful, supportive manner.

Our mind is our guide. By changing the path to the brain with safe and positive suggestions, phobias are back in the control of the client. Speaking to that part of you that struggles or is triggered by the habit, hypnosis helps you control and eliminate that habit.

As part of our service, you are invited to join our Free Monthly Group Hypnosis that aligns your determination to stay ‘habit free’ with regular support.

Please contact team@alignhypnosis.com or call 413-758-1949 for special pricing