Nutrition and Fitness


Health, Nutrition and Fitness are key to a client’s weight loss journey. As part of the ongoing services that Align Hypnosis offers, we offer the Free Weight Loss Support Line with Carolyn Jez. Clients schedule a free 15 minute call with Carolyn to assess any issues or questions.

For clients who have completed the three weight loss sessions with Align Hypnosis, the client and Carolyn determine if additional resources are necessary. Meeting with Carolyn Jez through the Free Weight Loss Support Line is mandatory for any client to move to the next step of meeting with Empowh.

Based upon the next step in a client’s journey, Carolyn coordinates an initial zoom call with Dr. Lisa Ferlita of Empowh. Dr. Lisa Ferlita is a key partner with Align Hypnosis in ensuring the success of our clients. Dr. Lisa Ferlita helps the client incorporate fitness and nutrition with the skills learned through hypnosis.  Align Hypnosis has partnered with Empowh and Dr. Lisa Ferlita, creating a well-rounded experience for our clients. Dr. Lisa Ferlita is committed to supporting our clients with the entire package of health, nutrition and wellness.

Align Hypnosis helps clients change their mindset about food, health, and nutrition. Empowh, under Dr. Lisa Ferlita, changes clients' mindset about fitness by providing online fitness, nutrition and confidence coaching.

Dr. Lisa Ann Ferlita, DM is Empowh's Founder, Motivator and an Elite Trainer. She is the creator of Empowh and is determined to make the fitness and nutrition industry more accessible to all people, cultures, body shapes and sizes around the globe.  She is a firm believer there is no one size fits all methodology to a person's health.

In 2013, Lisa struggled with her own lack of fitness and nutrition knowledge.  She was morbidly obese, weighing in at over 250lbs, at 5'-3" in height. She made the change, but struggled and wasted tens of thousands of dollars trying to find people in the fitness industry who would provide a customized program and has made it her mission to help others.

Dr. Lisa is also a Desert Storm and United States Air Force Veteran.